The 3G network shutdown has impacted the Audi connect services in your vehicle.

Under this service action (91CD), we will permanently deactivate the 3G service capability in your vehicle AND add a new 4G LTE replacement service called Motion for Audi connect.

The Motion for Audi connect solution consists of three components:

4G LTE DeviceThe 4G LTE telematics device is installed behind your dash and will be paired via Bluetooth to your vehicle’s MMI system.
OBD-II CableThe OBD-II cable connects the new telematics device to your OBD-II port to provide power.
Mobile AppThe Motion for Audi connect mobile app is available for iOS and Android smartphone devices.

NOTE: The OBD-II cable must be plugged into your OBD-II port in order to provide power to the 4G LTE device and to enable the Motion for Audi connect services. Please keep the cable plugged in at all times.

Success Checklist: Complete these 3 steps before you leave the dealer

User Guide

Review the User Guide

The user guide contains a barcode sticker with your device’s unique code. This is required to complete the setup.

QR Code

Download the Motion for Audi connect app

After downloading the app to your smartphone, create an account and follow the prompts.

Phone Screen

Complete the setup in the app

Once you’ve completed the setup in the app, you will see your Audi vehicle.

NOTE: Completing the setup process in the mobile app is required to fully activate the Motion for Audi connect services, including Automatic Crash Notification, Roadside Assistance and Stolen Vehicle Locator.

Due to the 3G network shutdown, some features that were previously available in the MyAudi app are not available in the Motion for Audi connect app.

  • Remote Lock / Unlock (ability to use the app to lock or unlock your Audi)
  • Vehicle Status Report (windows, doors and trunk open or closed status)